First post!!

I must inform you that this is my first attempt at blogging, so apologies in advance for any mistakes I might make. This is a feminist blog, and I will be posting thoughts and musings and essays and whatnot, as and when the inspiration strikes. Comments, feedback, reviews and your own ideas are most welcome, anonymous or otherwise.

If I make grammatical errors, please point them out. Proof-reading is not among my finest skills, so external assistance (by bringing the errors to my notice) is welcome, ‘coz I like to learn.

Last, and the most important thing, this is not a ‘man hater’ blog, so please refrain from making illogical comments which are deliberately hurtful, or without basis. That said, if I write something that you do not agree with or have issues with my point of view or IYHO is outright wrong, please inform me and I will deliberate on it, and change the post if necessary. After all, and I firmly believe in this, we are all here to learn.

Parting thoughts: There are good people and bad people. No one is exempt from this rule.


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