Why feminism, not equality?

There is a difference between feminism, chauvinism, male chauvinism and equality, and for those who just came in I’d like to spell it out for you. These aren’t really dictionary definitions, but they work.

  • Feminism– A concept, a way of life, or a social structure in which women are given rights, opportunities, duties, respect and importance equal to that given to men.
  • Chauvinism– A concept in which a certain group or faction considers themselves to be superior in any way to other group(s).
  • Male Chauvinism– A concept, or the (rather prevalent) way of life or social structure in which men consider themselves to be superior in most ways to other genders.
  • Equality– The concept in which men and women are equal in all walks of life and should receive equal treatment.

A lot of people I know say that feminism is a repellent word, which gives the impression of a bull-headed, stubborn, rebellious clan of people, all mostly negative emotions, and thus ‘EQUALITY’ between men and women is a much preferred statement. I happen to disagree with this wholeheartedly, and with sound reason.

Suppose you have two numbers, say 6 and 4. Now, if you have to make them equal, what do you do?

There are two ways:

  • 6 – 2 = 4


  • 4 + 2 = 6

   This is the exact problem in referring to feminism as equality. What kind of equality is it, the equality of women with men, or the equality of men with women? To make these two major genders equal, what steps do we take – do we abuse, hurt, suppress and discriminate against men until they are forced to fall to our level of social strata?

   That is nothing but, 6 – 2 = 4.

   The right way to attain equality would be to raise women to the perky level that men enjoy, unquestioned, in this world. To let them free from the social, cultural and religious shackles that bind them, and from those binds that have no basis whatsoever, but were created on the whims of men to control the women and have stuck, unfortunately, through the years.

That would be, 4 + 2 = 6. 

    Thus summed up are the reasons why equality is not feminism, and the two terms cannot be used interchangeably, IMHO. I know that people consider today’s times to be a reflection of changing mindsets, and feel that the position of women today is lot better than say, 50 years ago, but I cannot bring myself to agree with this sentiment. The right notions of modernity, of feminism, and of respect need to be established, by women, for themselves, or else we lie in serious danger of being misguided and brainwashed by the sex which has geared up for the battle to keep its throne.


20 thoughts on “Why feminism, not equality?

  1. I would like to propose a 3rd option. I would’ve changed both with +/- 1 into 5s. I think this would be a more realistic representation of the issue seeing as many men wish some of the rights women have and vice versa. Both sexes should have a chance for maternity/paternity leave and in, some countries, the both sexes should be considered equal when it comes to military service (or military service should be removed altogether).


    1. I think you make a good point. There are some rights which have been considered only a woman’s priviledge, and hell, if men really want paternity leave and spend more time with their kids, more power to them. The government should definitely allow for such a leave from work.
      Thank you for leaving a comment. Means a lot.

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  2. “The right way to attain equality would be to raise women to the perky level that men enjoy, unquestioned, in this world.”

    Perky? You mean like the perky right to die in war? The perky right to be the most likely to die as a victim of homicide? The right to have the highest suicide rates? The right to be deprived of their children in the event of a divorce?


    1. No, I mean like the perky right to keep their names after marriage. Like the perky right to work in whatever field they chose without being controlled by their fathers and husbands. Like the perky right of escaping domestic and sexual assault just because they are not the ‘weaker sex’ (though I am aware that some men are also victims of this, and they shouldn’ty have to suffer this AT ALL). I meant those rights.
      If women are given a chance, they can prove that they are patriots too and are not afraid to die for their country. Where I come from, women die for the most trivial reasons at the very hands of those who are supposed to love and protect them. And yes, men should get equal right and opportunity to fight for their kidd in the event of a divorce, I’m with you on that.
      Thank you for leaving a comment. Nice to know that people are reading, and very nice to know your opinion on this topic.

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  3. Not until we, as a society of human beings, both decide and agree that we ALL need to be treated with the same human rights as each other will we find ourselves in an equal place. It is only by a genetic quirk of nature that we enter this world as females or males. We are human beings first and then we are identified as males or females. Equality is not a gender issue and it should not be a gender issue. In order for one gender to reach a perceived equal place in society it means that some one will have to give up something or someone will have to gain something over the other. In either case someone is going to be pissed off. Lets treat everyone with the same dignity, respect, opportunity to thrive and options to succeed as the other. No one gives up or gains anything that way and there is a great deal less chance for bitterness. Just sayin . . . JIm

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    1. I definitely agree that we are all human beings such. It is just that people like to dwell on the differences between people so much that it causes problems. Everybody must be treated with the same respect, and for that the people who are downtrodden must be uplifted. Respect is not a commodity, and doesn’t follow the laws of commodities; the more respect you give the more you get. There’s enough for everyone without anyone getting pissed off.
      Thanks a lot for leaving a comment. Great to know your view on the matter.


  4. I agree all privileges should be equal, and certainly men should have the right to fight for their kid in case of divorce. If women want to serve in the military, they should have that right without being assaulted by their fellow servicemen. When I was in the Peace Corps, both men and women were treated the same in training and in serving. There was no discrimination or harassment towards either side. The indigenous people may have treated us differently, but the Peace Corps never did.

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  5. It is nice to see someone point out the differences. It is hard for me to speak up for equality when it is automatically equated with “feminism”. The Feminist movement themselves (the radicals) have shut the door to many people being sympathetic because of their rhetoric which is anything but equalizing. Equality should be that, equal. Both men and women having rights and access to money, legal representation, ownership, parenting, etc. The women who speak of “putting men in their place” in order to achieve equality are as guilty as any man who wishes to keep women “in their place.” And that is not equality in any sense of the word.


  6. Hi, I’m Ana. I was sent your way by Pavanne. I love how you used simple math to explain something that people obviously misunderstand. (A lot of women feminists I know believe that men are entitled pigs, and women should strive to be just like them!)

    Looking forward to reading more of what you write.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of using simple equations to make sense of complex social functioning, that’d why i did that. You could also check out my post, ‘What’s in a surname?’, and tell me what you thought of it.


  7. I’d be on board if every feminist I met didn’t feel the need to degrade my masculinity like Lady Macbeth before Duncan’s murder. If this really is what feminism should be striving towards, it hasn’t done a good job of selling itself to me so far.

    I guess I’ll just strive for meninism. 🙂


    1. Feminism is a mentality for the men and women alike. men need to respect women, and women NEED to respect fellow women. Men, not unlike yourself, are reluct to ‘buy’ it because they are convinced it is something they do not need, that it is not beneficial to you at all.
      Through my future posts I will strive to change your opinion and that of others towards feminism, until then, hang in there. Strive for what you believe in. I disagree with feminists who degrade masculinity and such, but please understand that a little hostility on their part is expected, if not justified, because we the women are struggling for rights for nearly a century which men have taken for granted.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.


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